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Precious Hanna
11/1/94 - 5/9/07

We mourn the loss of our precious friend Hanna.  She was a great friend and is sadly missed.

For the Love of Hanna-A special tribute site to our very special and beloved friend, Hanna

Welcome to my personal site dedicated to God's Special Creatures and my friends.  I hope you enjoy your visit                                                                                                                                               "Ask the birds, ask the beasts and they will teach you"                                                                              Job 12:7-10            

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There was never a time in my life when our home was devoid of animals.  However, my true devotion and deeper understanding of a different kind of love came about when I was blessed with my very first dog (purchased by me).   That dog was Shanna.                                                                              
 As I saw Shanna's devotion to other dogs and animals grow, I added Brenna aka Brin, to our family. These two dogs taught me about true friendship and devotion. They were inseparable.                                                                                                                         Always adding more, bookmark us and come back soon!

Brin and Shanna
Celebrating another birthday

What or Who is New?

Meet our newest addition
Rori-West Highland Terrier puppy

Please come and join our family through the following pages.  We welcome you and your stories.  As the site improves, I hope to add a dedication page where any one can contribute.  Thank you for your visit and for sharing in my many blessings!

Visit often and watch how Rori grows and changes!

Look how Rori has grown!
She is almost 9 mos. here and has done well in her classes.

Rori's First B-day

Rori's First B-day

My newly released works-click on each picture for more information

Stop Bullying Bobby! Please visit my personal site of my children's book. Lots of information about the book, appearances, links, and bullying.

Stop Bullying Bobby!
children story about helping others and recognizing everyone is special

Cyber home of Dana Smith-Mansell. Stop by, view, and read some of my creative efforts. Your comments and suggestions are welcome!

Sacred Intentions-poetry
Poetry expressing the intentions of love, loss, emotion

                                             to Pets "Award "

Dana's Shanna Tay
West Highland White Terrier-extraordinaire

MacLapin's Brenna Tay
Scottish Terrier Extraordinaire


My Blessings, My Dogs


Brown eyes sparkle with playful hearts,

Compact bodies so strong and smart.

Inquisitive always, curious at will,

Ready to play, or just be still.


Reaching my hand, I always find,

Nothing that compares, to humankind.

Faithful and loving, devoted friends,

Ready to play, eager to defend.


My dogs are with me no matter where,

In times of fun, or loss or despair.

A treasured gift from God above,

To show us all the meaning of love.

D. Smith-Mansell 2005



Blessings to all who open their hearts to the kingdom of animals, for they will know the joy of a deeper form of love and life.  Peace to all who care, love, and respect animals.




Visions of Existence-Poetry, Art, & Photography
Poems about nature often analogous with human emotion, existence

An inspirational title I'm proud to share with
five inspiring ladies. Click the pic for more info!

Please be sure to get in touch with any comments or reactions you have to my site.

Email here for comments, questions, permissions. Thank you!

"The greatness of a Nation and its moral progress
can be judged by the way its animals are treated"
-Mahatma Gandhi

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