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I'd like to introduce you to my friends...                                                                                                                                              The righteous man regards the life of his beast.                                                                                      Proverbs 12:10                       


Shanna on her 13th birthday

Shanna was an absolute love!  I never met a dog that welcomed evey person & every animal.  She was always happy and upbeat, even as she began her journey of illness.  She sustained me throughout her chemo and other treatments.  Shanna never ever, was down-it just wasn't her nature.  Shanna was known to croon "hello" to everyone upon their arrival-even when she went to the Vet.  Sadly her body overrun with cancer, she was layed to rest at the age of 13.10.  She wagged her tail to the very end.  Her story, Shanna a Story of Love, Devotion, and Courage appears in the wonderfully compiled pet story collection by Avie Townsend, Unconditional Love:  Pet Tales by the Humans Who Love Them, September 2004.


Hanna loves her picture taken. Can you tell?

Hanna is so very very smart!  She understands so much language.  She often will sit and appear as though she is partaking in a discussion as she looks from one speaker to the other.  Hanna knows many tricks and is very quick to learn.  She is very self assured and is always happy-her tail is always up.  Her owner retired her from showing (Hanna loved the attention), because her owner couldn't take the pressure.(Hanna laughs)  Hanna follows me everywhere and is my constant companion.  (she runs the show)  Hanna was also the ring bearer in our wedding.


Such a sweet girl!

Fallon filled my heart.  She was so funny, filled with affection!  She loved to swim and I would often hear the morning "splash" in the pool (small pool) as I got ready for work.  When asked if she wanted to get brushed, she would croon, snap her jaws together, and smile her toothy white smile.  When anyone would hold her, if you rubbed the right spot, she would groom the holder with her teeth ever so gently.  She loved everyone and every animal.  I never met a scottie who was so outwardly affectionate.  Unfortunately, she left us broken hearted at the age of two and one half (she was to partner with Hanna) at our wedding.  Losing her so young was a great shock and still brings tears to this day.  I miss her stealing and hiding my socks.


five months old

Well this little one has livened up our lives!  Rori has provided us all with lots of entertainment.  She is just finishing her first puppy class and has done wonderfully!  Rori is very quick to learn and already knows many commands and tricks.  She has recently learned how to enjoy swimming and now likes to float in a raft (life jacket on of course) while I swim.  We are so happy to have her as part of our family!

Brenna a.k.a Brin

Brin on her lounge chair

Brin was a very good natured scottie.  She would smile a big white toothy grin when asked, and always would converse with her Scotch brogue.  Brin also had a wonderful food dance that she would perform, as food was a great thrill in life.  (most Scotties love food).  She loved to go anywhere especially with Shanna.  Brin was my first Scottie (selected by me), and enriched my life in so many ways!  Her heart literally broke after Shanna passed away.  Within six months of Shanna's passing, Brin passed away with me holding her in my arms. 



Darby came to live with us when she was almost two years old.  Everything in the world seemed new to her.  She is a very gentle and sensitive dog.  She moans her pleasure when given attention.  Darby is well mannered and takes care of all the new puppies that come to live with us.  She loves to eat pears straight from the tree.


Isn't he handsome?
Trev is a very nice dog!

Trev...what a guy!  He is without a doubt, a dare devil.  He can often be found sitting on top of the picnic table watching for his friends (the groundhog family).  He will leap from high places and balance on the thinnest platforms (much to his owner's horror at times). Trevar loves agility and will work readily for any food.  He is very smart and quick to learn, and is very eager to please.  He is quite sensitive, and can give a sad scottie look that will melt your heart.  He is a joy!  

To Puppy or Not?


The decision to add a new pet is never easy.  There are many things to consider when adding a new pet.  For example; the initial cost (adoption or purchase), medical care, training (time and money), time to spend with pet, grooming, and the list goes on.  Animals are a living breathing entity and rely on their human companions to tend and care for all of their needs, which includes time to love and have fun.


The decision to add Rori was not easy.  We had to consider our other pets-Hanna who is 10, Darby 12, Kearsey the cat who is fifteen, and Trevar who is four.  The mature dogs and cat were settled in their routine and relationships, so adding a new puppy would obviously disrupt the balance.  After much thought, we brought Rori home.  It did not go well at first.  As I sat on the lawn with the puppy, and called the other dogs to greet her, she decided to growl.  This upset the apple cart from the get go.  No one wanted to play with her and quite frankly they were very put out.  Trevar would not make eye contact with me for several days.  Hanna scoffed every time she came near her, the cat scrambled, and Darby retreated to a crate.  My once happy kingdom of pets was in disarray.  However, with much care and attention given to all, sharing of treats helped, Trevar began playing with her.  Soon Darby joined in too.  The cat no longer scrambled as she now holds her ground with the puppy.  Hanna still scoffs, but will look for her if she is not here, or anxiously goes to her crate to remind me to let her out.  “Animal adjustments” has been one of many changes that will take place with the addition of Rori.  Trevar says, “Finally I’m not last to get a treat.”  Darby says, “She’s fun to play with.”  Kearsey says, “I’m gonna’ get her one of these days,” and Hanna says, “She’s all right as long as she stays outta’ my face.”  My husband and I say, “She adds to the joy of our house, and we are glad we brought her home.”


Adding a pet is a major decision, one that needs to be made responsibly.

"Of all God's creatures there is only one that cannot be made the slave of the lash. That one is the cat. If man could be crossed with the cat, it would improve man, but it would deteriorate the cat." - Mark Twain


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