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Credible Critters Cuisine can also be found on our sister site, Credible Critters Creations

"Hey, you gotta' try 'em...
they're the best!" -Hanna, Chief Cook

        Delicious, Fresh, and Made to Order

      Homemade Dog & Cat Treats

                   For the truly pampered pet with gourmet taste!      

Order via email here! You will receive a prompt response. Darby monitors all email.

I'm ready for your questions...
and your order. Email me!

Special orders are available!  Just ask!

     We use 100% natural ingredients.  Treats are made to order so they are always fresh.  We use wholesome foods in our preparation, and are closely supervised by the Canines and Madame Kitty of the kitchen.  Each treat is hand cut with love and comes with ingredients and handling instructions on the package.  Give your special pet a gift that shows you care-all natural Credible Critter’s Cuisine Treats.  Groomers?  Credible Critter’s Cuisine Treats make great gifts for your regular customers!

Our Selections and Prices

Add 6% sales tax in Pennsylvania.  Request quotes for shipping outside the USA.


Sampler:  dozen small bones, 1/2dozen medium bones, 1/2dozen large bones, and lots of bits!       $6.50 + $2.00 S&H = $8.50


Small bones and bits:  1 dozen = $2.50+ $1.25    S&H= $3.75

(approx. ”)                        2 dozen = $3.50+ $1.25   S&H = $4.75

                                            3 dozen = $4.50 + $1.50   S&H = $6.00             


Large quantity orders (4 doz. or more) (Request price)


Medium Bones and Bits:  1 dozen =$3.50 + $1.50 S&H =$5.00

(approx. 2”)                               2 dozen = $5.50 + $1.75 S&H =$7.25

                                                  3 dozen = $7.00 + $1.75 S&H =$8.75


Large Bones and Bits:      1 dozen = $4.50+ $2.00 S&H =$6.50

(approx. 5”)                               2 dozen =$7.00+ $2.75 S&H =$9.75

                                                  3 dozen =$9.00 + $3.00 S&H =$12.00


All dog treat packages come with a nice count of small bits-use as reinforcers for training or special times when you want to reward but don’t want to give a whole treat!

Trev asks politely...
"Please may I have another?"

Kitty bites:                    2 dozen =$2.00 +$1.00 S&H =$3.00

(small bite size treats       4 dozen =$3.75+ $1.50 S&H =$5.25

for little kitty mouths)    Kindly request quote for higher quantity, discount                                        will apply


Flavors currently available



Hanna’s Chicken, Turkey, or Beef Flavor


Trevar’s Cheesy Delight (meat and cheese)


Darby’s Delectable Liver Snack


Rori’s Vegan Treats


Kearsey’s Favorites (contains brewer’s yeast & Garlic, chicken base)

Terrier and feline tested and approved   



Every effort will be made to have your package arrive in one piece; however, no guarantees can be made based on the handling during shipment.


Questions?  Orders? Specials?  Send email here...we'll respond promptly!


"Rori says....YUMMMMM!"

Paw of approval


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