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"That's MR. Pete to you, thank you!"

Ahhh...yes.  This was one cool cat.  He would walk across the lawn, just stroll, with narry a care in the world.  His body was sleak and lean, and his black hair was so shiny.  He would come running and meowing though when I whistled, as he knew dinner was being served.  He lived to be almost twenty years old.  You can read a short story about Pete in Theresa Mancuso's, Cats Do It Better than People, released by Adams Media, May 2005.  His story is titled, Pete and the Poodle. Any cat lover will get a kick from this story and the others contained in this book.


As a young teen my naming skills were not very original

Pussycat was my first cat (given to me as a gift).  I was a young teen so thus the name game was not exactly original.  She was a lot of fun.  She loved to ride in the car and wrap around my neck and be carried.  She followed me everywhere and unfortunately one day attempted to follow me out of the door.  The door closed on her tail!  While she didn't lose the tail, she could often be heard sucking on the tip.  She was checked by a Vet, and he felt she would be okay which she was.  As she loved to try to escape, she did so unknown to us one day.  She was hit by a car.  My young heart broke as I always felt it was some how my fault.  She was a great friend and I miss her.


A gentle happy friend

Jad was a german shepherd and collie mix, and had a wonderful personality!  He was very playful and loved to try to catch snow balls thrown to him.  He suffered a stroke at fifteen, but with much therapy (given by me) and TLC, he recovered completely much to the doctor's surprise.  Jad was a gentle and faithful friend.  He lived for eighteen and one half years.


was a very sweet and fun loving Springer

Mandy was actually my aunt's dog.  She lived next door.  Every morning, like clock work, Mandy would leave my aunt's house, and next thing we'd hear a scratch at our door.  As we opened it, she would come bounding through, ready to play with her friend Shanna. They both had a good time together, and even old Mr. Shane joined in once in awhile.  Unfortunately Mandy died unexpectantly at the age of two from a routine surgical procedure.  Shanna was heart broken and visibly grieved for her friend for many weeks. Mandy holds a very special place in my heart.   


Loving and gentle, posing for the camera

Jace was a very sweet natured cat.  On the rare occassions when she dared to be outdoors, she never left her porch.  Jace was fluffy white with tips of gray on her head and tail.  She loved to snuggle and be close to humans and other animals.  Her death was a tragedy, as two loose running dogs snatched her almost right before my eyes.  Innocence lost by uncaring dog owners.  I was devasted, and relive that horror many times.  Report any loose running dogs immediately to authorities.  The story of how Jace came to join our family is pending acceptance and is titled, My Neighbor's Kitten.   Watch for updates and cross your fingers for a happy story for Jace's memory.


The first Scottie I ever knew

Shane was the first Scottie I had ever known.  He really belonged to my sister and her husband, but unfortunately he did not do well in an apartment by himself when they worked.  So he came to stay with my mother and sometimes my aunt next door during the day.  Of course they fell in love with him, and he eventually stayed permanently at our house.  Shane loved to lay in bed or near someone, but when outside he was always on guard.  He did not appreciate when we boarded him for vacations, and he would let us know this by barking and scolding us all the way home from the kennel (40 minutes).  He loved to be brushed and of course, loved his food.  He was a terrific friend.

Skampy and Pepper

Childhood friends

Skampy was part cocker spaniel and was adopted from a local shelter.  Pepper was a mix of lab and who knows what else. These were two of the dogs that were in our family when I was a young child.  Pepper used to go every where I went.  He loved to play with the neighborhood kids.  He would always sit at the bottom of our driveway and wait for my father to come home from work.  They were both great dogs, and I was fortunate to have grown up with animals.


looks intense but really isn't

We adopted Kearsey from a local shelter as a kitten.  She was found in a drain pipe along with her mother, one kitten had died.  She walks with a permanent limp but remains a treasured part of the family.  She lets us know when she is hungry and is relentless!  She purrs very loudly and is quite content sleeping in her various sleeping spots throughout the house.  A story about Kearsey is included in Cats Do It Better than People, by Theresa Mancuso, released by Adams Media, May 2005.  Kearsey's story is titled, No More Cats...Or So I Thought.


"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." ~ Roger Caras


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