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Sharing, caring, and just plain fun and cuteness

Each of these photos bring a smile to my face, and flood me with sweet memories.  Time passes quickly, and reflection supports "living each day to the fullest."  Enjoying the simple things, simple pleasures-whether it be a dog's playful antics, a child's inquisitive glance, or a deep conversation with a friend or loved one-all are precious.  Enjoy your moments!

Shanna and Brenna
Enjoying the deck together

"I have had many great pleasures in life.  Friendships of the spirit-God, furry and human have been the greatest" D. Smith-Mansell

Trevar, Darby, Hanna, & Rori
Group summer photo-summer is great!

Darby, Hanna, & Fallon
Snoozing in the car after a day at the lake

Little Dog


Little dog little dog, where have you gone?

Under the sofa, behind a big log?


Little dog little dog, where can you be?

Hiding for fun, waiting for me?


Little dog little dog, come out and play,

I’m waiting for you, to brighten my day.


Little dog little dog, I can’t find you now,

Are you lost, I’m worrying how?


Little dog little dog, don’t tease me,

I turn and I look, and beside me I see.


Little dog little dog, my faithful friend,

With me always, my needs you attend.


Dana Smith-Mansell 2005

Darby and Hanna
sharing a terrier wrestling session

Rori, Darby, & Trevar
ready to play

The Joy of Fallon


A toothy smile, a wiggle of joy,

A greeting from Fallon our pet.

Outgoing loving and kind,

She loved to swim and get wet.


She’d dive into the pool of water,

Splashing about the tide.

Nary a worry she carried with her,

As her merriment came from inside.


Playful she was but dinner was best,

As she crooned and danced about the floor.

Performing her “Scottish food dance,”

Always hoping, she could have more.


Friendly to all, shunning no one,

Constantly ready to greet.

And I always knew where to find her,

As she often lay at my feet.

Dana Smith-Mansell 2003

Little Fallon waiting for her turn for grooming...
Got a little to close to the Westie grooming powder

Hanna, Trevar, and Darby
This is their promo shot for Canine Acting

Playful Kearsey
ready to pounce

More to come...

"If I have any beliefs about immortality it is that certain dogs I know will go to heaven, and very very few people." ~ James Thurber


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