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Bios are created by the dogs and placed on site by their editor (Editor assumes no responsibility for their content, as terriers often have a mind of their own)

Creative Endeavors is proud to present "the Terriers" for your canine modeling and acting needs.  Read their bios and contact their manager for more info.

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Hey this me...
cute, huh?

Hanna's Bio

Hi my name is is Hanna, and my age doesn't matter because I still run and act like a puppy.  I have white hair and weigh about 13.6 pounds (if you really need to know), and I am fit as a fiddle.  I perform all kinds of tricks (too many to list here, I need a whole page)-but all the basics and much much more!  I understand a lot of language so be careful what you say, cause I know what you're saying-be nice!  I used to show in conformation and I got several ribbons (it's cause I'm so cute), but my owner said it was too stressful for her and she retired from showing.  Humph!  Yes, I do have a bit of an attitude but it is only because I am so cute and so smart.  You should meet me, then you'd see.  I have been attending all kinds of training classes since I was a young puppy.  I still go to school and I love it!  I like to show off.  I was also involved in Pet Therapy and I have my Canine Good Citizen Certificate.  I love to ride in cars and like to climb-I'm very good at balancing.  I swim, play with my own special toys, and enjoy all kinds of food (although my owner limits that stuff-bah!). I'm very photogenic and can express a myriad of emotions and expressions-just ask me.  I recently participated in an official Canine Acting Class and all I have to say is, "Hey where's the producers? I'll show you a talented and fun dog. Call me!"

I am quite handsome as you can see...
I'm also known as a red brindle scottie which you can't see in the picture.

Trevar's Bio

Well I’m the only male in the bunch so you know I kinda’ have to “take it all in stride.” I am very easy going and laid back.  I enjoy being around people and once I get to know them, I like to play with other animals.  I have a bit of a daring nature, as I like to climb high on all types of objects, and I can balance on the smallest surfaces.  I am not afraid to try anything and am usually eager to perform.  I know a wide variety of tricks and commands, and continue to learn more and more.  I still attend training classes and always look forward to the applause.  I am a Certified Therapy Dog and have my Canine Good Citizen Certificate.  I'm always ready for action but I can be content to just “hang out.”  I love to ride in the car and go for long walks.  I am a good swimmer but I prefer to watch the groundhog family in our backyard.  I love to pose for photos, and I am quite handsome-don’t ya’ think?  I am patiently waiting for my big show biz break.

Rori's puppy blog continued  

June 2, 2005.  Rori’s first vet visit for a check and a shot.  She didn’t mind the check, but disliked the shot.  She weighed in at 8.5 pounds.  She really is a pretty good puppy.  She is learning very quickly and absorbs new commands every day.


June 6, 2005.  Everyone (except Hanna) is playing together.  Rori sleeps all night in her crate.  House training is coming along, albeit not as quickly as we would like. I’m allowing her a bit more freedom as she seems to respond rather quickly to the “leave it” command. 


June 10, 2005.  It’s been a while, but I attended puppy class this evening.  (No dogs the first night).  While I’ve been training for over twenty-five years, I have always learned something new or different in each class I have taken.  Plus, I believe in a lot of socialization for the pups, especially during their first year.


June 17, 2005.  Rori's first puppy class.  I was very surprised to see her exhibit a bit of uncertainty when we arrived.  She did not want to approach the other people or puppies initially, but by the end of the class she felt a bit more secure.  One dog has a really loud shrill bark and that kind of had her a little freaked.  


June 21, 2005.  Dogs (except Hanna) are playing nicely.  Rori is pretty consistent with  “sit, downs, off, sit-up, talk, go through, leave it, no, wait, touch, and watch me.”  She seemes to learn quickly. Rori is getting into more “things”-carpets, books, etc.  She is now very comfortable in her environment and is beginning to explore more and experiment-she needs a vigilant eye.


June 24, 2005.  Rori is enjoying puppy class and is now quite curious about the others in the class.  She performs her tricks and commands even amidst all the distractions.  She likes to play with the others and will now greet the humans. 


June 28, 2005.  Decided to let her try going down steps.  She of course wanted to run like the “big dogs” and missed the last step.  She was fine, but a little startled.  She enjoys being out of the ex-pen, and being able to run and play in the big yard with the dogs.  I limit this at least for now, at least until I know she relieved herself.


July 1, 2005.  Really doing well at puppy class.  Attends (to direction) and performs pretty consistently. 


July 2, 2005. Been working with getting her used to being in water for swimming.  Using a small children’s pool.  Today we tried her in the big pool (life jacket on of course)-she did very well and kept coming back for more.  I think we have another swimmer.


July 3, 2005.  We took her to a small family picnic for “people exposure.”  She was very hesitant, which once again surprised me.  Anyone who really made a fuss with her, gained her friendship but she was very wary initially.  We need to get her out more into different types of crowds.  Our plans were to leave before the fireworks, however someone shot one off early.  Fortunately I was holding her, and didn’t over react.  I was very laid back about my commentary and support to her.  She did not really flinch, but she watched as it fizzled on the ground and as it shot up into the air so did her head-it was very cute.  It didn’t seem to bother her, and we watched two more before I decided not press my luck-I didn’t want her to get scared.


July 12, 2005.  Frantic!  Rori began frantically pawing at her mouth.  Since I just removed a piece of pear from her mouth, I thought she had something stuck in her throat.  I did an oral sweep-nothing.  She was desperately pawing at her mouth and I saw my puppy struggling.  I picked her up, turned her upside down, and tapped her on her back-while she squealed.  Nothing.  I pinned her down and went into mouth and throat-nothing.  By this time, she was very traumatized and didn’t want me near her.  Finally called the emergency service and was preparing to make the forty minute journey when my husband and I tried once again to look in her mouth.  We found a loose tooth but couldn’t get it, and she was still frantic.  As I spoke with the doctor on the phone, my husband presented me with her tooth.  She was fine.


July 15, 2005.  Last puppy class tonight, but I have enrolled her in another class already.  I want as much socialization as possible.







August 10, 2005.  Things seem to be moving through without problems, however now poor Rori is followed around all the time.  I never had a pup that chewed and ate things like her.  We will have to be very vigilant in watching.   She started formal obedience school today.

Darby's Bio

How 'bout these big brown eyes?
Got the personality to match 'em too!

My name is Darby and I am not quite as boisterous as "you know who."  I am much more laid back and dignified.  I am gentle and loving, but it takes me a little while to warm up.  I too am well versed in tricks and training, and I also have my Canine Good Citizen Certificate.  I listen very well, and my owner/manager always tells me how gentle I am.  I continue to attend training classes, and also participated in the Canine Acting Class.  If any producers are looking for wide-eyed beauty, I'm your dog.  I have white hair and weigh about 15 pounds.  I swim, chew my dog toys, carry bottles, and moan when my belly is rubbed or I am held (especially when it is close to dinner time).  I love to soak up the warm sun, and both Hanna and I enjoy opening presents (of course she always tries to take mine.)  I love to run and play, and pick pears fresh from the tree in my backyard.  I really want to act, and watch myself on TV, or better yet...see myself on a big billboard.

Rori's Bio  (hey I don't have a bio yet, I'm only five months old-gimme a break)

Rori at Puppy Graduation
Wearing her formal kilt & tam

Read my Puppy Blog


March 2005-We are seriously considering adding a new puppy to our family.  Darby our eldest Westie is 12, Hanna (Westie) is 10, Trevar (Scottie) is 4, and Kearsey (cat) is 15.The decision to add is difficult due to the ages of the older dogs.  Everyone is in a nice routine, and a new puppy will surely throw a pear in the apple cart.  Plus we have to consider not only the initial cost of purchase, but future care and training classes.  All of our dogs attend classes regularly.


April 2005-Well I made the call!  We will pick up our new addition in May.  Haven’t decided on a name yet.  We felt that a puppy would bring us all a breath of fresh air. Give us all some exercise.


May 14, 2005-We drove 65 miles one way to a dog show to pick up our newest addition.  We took Trevar along so his breeders could see him.  He did well on the ride but was quite taken back by all the dogs and people (he’s never been to a show).  He met our new westie, sniffed her and walked away.  The puppy is so precious and white!  Upon seeing her, we knew the name Rori would be hers.  She did well on the ride home, played in her crate and slept.  Not a peep!


     When we got home we left the pup in the car (air conditioned) and went to greet Hanna & Darby, we made a big fuss.  I then left them out in the yard and took the puppy to meet them.  They all were quite inquisitive and were looking and sniffing when Rori did the unthinkable-she growled at them.  Not a good way to start off with a group of terriers.  Now the fun begins-constant monitoring for pottying, not bothering other dogs, chewing appropriate items, learning commands and manners.  Oh boy!


May 16, 2005.  None of the other dogs want to play with her and actually are quite annoyed.  Trevar will not look at me and Hanna snips every time Rori comes near her.  Darby retreats to a crate and the cat is nowhere to be found.  Rori seems to take it all in stride though, she goes and gets a toy and plays by herself. 


May 21, 2005.  Rori’s first nail trim-what a treat.  We decided to bait her with a chew stick to keep her occupied and somewhat still.  Oh I how I dislike this part of teaching them to understand they’re not going to be hurt!  Besides-I hate doing nails-period.


May 24, 2005. Trevar decided to play with Rori and Darby joined in.  Just have to monitor that nobody gets too rough.  So glad to see they are playing!


(Continued from the bottom left)

July 18, 2005 We started our second puppy class, and of course Rori, need to adjust to the "new" dogs.  After a short time, she was ready to play with the others.

July 25, 2005 Rori has grown so much.  Her legs and body have inclreased in length.  Her coat is filling in, but much slower than I expected.  (Of course I shouldn't complain, one less dog to groom for now).  She is doing well with house training and is almost there.  I have been working on getting her to "tell me" when she has to "go."  Hanna has always done that-it is so great!  She is learning knew tricks and commands every day.  She is a very good puppy (I think the older dogs help here), but she does like to chew and eat. 

August 6, 2005.  Well it happened...I was unsure at first but learned it was true over the course of the next 24 hours.  Rori ate a dental thimble.  I turned my back for one second and it was gone. Just goes to show...

August 7, 2005 Our first trip with Rori to the Emergency Clinic, thrity-five miles from home.  While she didn't appear to be in any acute distress, I was not about to take the chance of a possible obstruction.  Several x-rays later, it was determined she did swallow something, but we should have her re-x-rayed the following day at our regular vet.

August 8, 2005.  Of course by now I am severely chastising myself for my taking my eyes off of her.  A vist to our regular vet and more x-rays and he determines that it seems to be "moving" through, in pieces, but we must keep an eye on her for any possible signs of obstruction.  She was just as perky as ever today.

"Heaven goes by favour. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in." - Mark Twain


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