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  1. Generations are different colors, with children indented below their parents. To find a child's parent, look for the first indented name of a different color above that child. Because this list is very long, you may have to scroll quite a bit to find the parent. (For example, all purple names are children of Mathias Schleiss and Clara Mayer;  Anton Schleiss and Anna Maria Hohn had 9 children who went on to procreate;  no children of Susanna Schleiss and Katharina Schleiss are known.)
  2. Since the point of this list is to help you find your pedigree, children known to have died young are not included here.
  3. "M" stands for married. Additional spouses are only included if they resulted in children that could have lived to adulthood.
  4. Available records stopped around 1895 for most family branches. That means if you see a couple having children around 1894-95, there is a good chance they had more children that are not on this list.
  5. I wanted the list to be as useful as possible, so I included generations born up to the 1940s. That means there are some living individuals on this list. If you are on this list and you object, please accept my apologies and e-mail me to have your name taken off.
  6. There are no educated guesses on this chart. The Youngstown-area Schlaises are definitely connected to this group, but are addressed in a separate tree at the bottom of this chart because I cannot document their lineage back far enough.

Mathias Schleiss (1770-1819) & Clara Mayer (1775-1818)
     Anton Schleiss {1801-1871} M: Anna Maria Hohn
          Julianna Schleiss {1819-?} M: Laurenz Pecz
               Anna Pecz {1839-?} M: Georg Freydinger
                    Rose Freydinger {1858-}
                    Peter Freydinger {1865-?}
                    Carol Freydinger {1866-?}
                    Johann Freydinger {1871-?}
                    Judith Freydinger {1875-?}
                    Anna Freydinger {1878-?} 
               Marianna Pecz {1848-?} M: Georg Jesovit
                    Jacob Jesovit {1868-?} M: 1) Maria Vittman, 2) Rosina Szeile
                         1) Maria Jesovit {1894-?}
                         2) Theresia Jesovit {1895-?}
                    Rosina Jesovit {1878-?}
               Anton Pecz {1859-?} M: Maria Schauer
                    Maxmillian Pecz {1878-?}
                    Franz Pecz {1880-?}
                    Magdalena Pecz {1882-?}
                    Dorothea Pecz {1889-?}
          Elisabetha Schleiss {1821-?} M: George Tossenberger
               Johann Tossenberger {1844-?} M: Elisbetha Stegner
                    Anna Tossenberger {1870-?}
                    Mathias Tossenberger {1875-?}
                    Johann Tossenberger {1878-?}
          Mathias Schleiss {1823-?}M: Rosina Tossenberger
               Katharina Schleiss {1848-?}
               Johann Schleiss {1849-?} M: Julianna Hassenfeufel
                    Anna Schleiss {1880-?}
                    Franz Schleiss {1881-?}
               Rudolph Schleiss {1852-?} M: Theresia Wolf
                    Theresia Schleiss {1881-?}                   
          Theresia Schleiss {1828-1860} M: Franz Michler {1825-?}
               Melchior Michler {1848-?} M: Maria Andriot
               Anton Michler {1852-?} M: Elisabetha Ossheimer
                    Joseph Michler {1878-?}
                    Agatha Michler {1881-?}
                    Stephan Michler {1884-?}
                    Johann Michler {1888-?}
               Nicolaus Michler {1855-?} M: Maria Tossenberger
                    Elisabetha Michler {1878-?]
                    Theresia Michler {1881-?}
          Katharina Schleiss {1830-?} M: George Hamhaber
               Frederic Hamhaber {1852-?}
          Rosina Schleiss {1833-?}M: Anton Koch
               Cunegunda Koch {1851-?} M: Sebastian Ott {1848-?}
                    Laurenz Ott {1873-?}
                    Anton Ott {1875-?}
                    Magdalena Ott {1878-?}
                    Rosina Ott {1880-?}
                    Johann Ott {1882-?}
                    Catharina Ott {1886-?}
                    Mathias Ott {1889-?}
                    Eva Ott {1891-?}
                    Adam Ott {1891-?}
               Stephan Koch {1852-?} M: Agatha Tonhauser
                    Anton Koch {1882-?}
                    Maria Koch {1883-?}
                    Elisabetha Koch {1890-?}
                    Rosalia Koch {1893-?}
               Johann Koch {1861-?)
               Chilian Koch {1864-?} M: Justina Krem
               George Koch {1867-?}
               Anna Maria Koch {1869-?} M: Thomas Tossenberger
                    Michael Tossenberger {1889-?}
                    Ottilia Tossenberger {1892-?}
                    Georg Tossenberger {1895-?}
               Rosalia Koch {1871-?} M: Johann Fogl {1869-?}
                    Theresia Fogl {1891-?}
               Thomas Koch {1878-?}
               Anton Koch {1874-?}
          Johann Schleiss {1835-?}M: Anna Maria Takacs
               Michael Schleiss {1854-?} M: Barbara Ringeisz
                    Maria Schleiss {1883-?} M: _____ Thur
                    Susanna Schleiss M: _____ Zorn
                    Adam Schleiss M: _____Oswald
                         Elisabetha Schleiss
                         Anton Schleiss
               Martin Schleiss {1857-?} M: Julianna Amman
                    Theresia Schleiss {1883} M: Michael Wink
                         Katharina Wink M: _____ Wolfl
                         Elisabetha Wink
                         Jakob Wink {1904-?} M: Rosina Buck
                              Michael Wink {1925-} M: Katharina Specht
                              Theresia Wink {1932-) N: Anton Siladi
                              Jakob Wink {1934-}
                         Johann Wink {1910-?} M: Magdalena Muller
                              Martin Wink {1934-}
                              Theresia Wink {1938-} M: Stefan Wittner
                              Magdalena Wink {1936-}
                              Julianna Wink {1939-}
                              Johann Wink {1944-}
                              Wilhelm Wink {1946-}
                         Theresia Wink {1912-?} M: Mathias Knehr
                              Elisabeth Knehr {1931-} M: Michael Keller
                              Maria Knehr {1942-} M: ___ Schmidt
               Veronica Schleiss {1861-?} M: Aloysius Rauch
                    Johann Rauch {1885-?}
                    Michael Rauch {1886-?}
                    Joseph Rauch {1888-?}
                    Anton Rauch {1891-?}
                    Aloysius Rauch {1893-?}
               Anton Schleiss {1869-?}
               Georg Schleiss {1875-?} M: Elisabetha Wiederman
                    Anna Schleiss {1902-1983} M: Johann Oswald
                         Maria Oswald {1920-1987} M: Jakob Eichinger {1917-1942}
                              Jakob Eichinger {1943-} M: Inge Schmitteckert
                    Georg Schleiss {1905-1988} M: Elisabetha Hoog
                         Johann Schleiss {1931-} M: Irene Turmer
                         Anton Schleiss {1933-} M: Waltraud Jauch
                         Gertrude Schleiss {1941-} M: Werner Mebold
                         Adam Schleiss {1947-} M: Hermine Kemle
                    Josef Schleiss {1909-1982} M: Katharina Greff
                         Josef Schleiss {1932-} M: Hedwig Offenbacher
                         Eva Schleiss {1933-} M: Andreas Felkl
                    Rosina Schleiss {1919-?} M: Stefan Braunstein
                         Regina Braunstein {1938-} M: Georg Muller
                         Richard Braunstein {1943-} M: Edith Wirz
                    Mathias Schleiss {1914-1941} M: Katharina Stieger
                         Kathi Schleiss {1939-}
                         Adam Schleiss {1938-}
          Regina Schleiss {1839-?} M: Joseph Veimper
          Anton Schleiss {1843-?} M: Katharina Straub
               Mathias Schleiss {1866-?)
               Gabriel Schleiss {1869-?}
               Jakob Schleiss {1875-1945} M: Katharina Weiner
                    Martin Schleiss {1896-1976} M: Maria Willig
                         Katherine Julia Schleis {1914-1966} M: Joseph Sigmund
                         Magdalene Helen Schleis {1915-} M: Paul Sigmund
                         Anthony Herman Schleis {1918-}
                         Martin Joseph Schleis {1921-} M: Marilyn Skokolsky
                         Maryanne Schleis {1931-} M: 1) Ernest Bryan, 2) James Price
                         Clara Josephine Schleis {1923-} M: Maynard Rohrer
                         Stephen Lawrence Schleis {1925-} M: RoseAnn Seigfried
                         Lawrence Michael Schleis {1928-} M: Margaret Dankenbrink
                         Frank John Schleis {1933-} M: 1) Ingrid Euler, 2) Marjorie Reed
                    Michael Schleiss {1904-1943} M: Maria Glasenhardt
                         Jakob Schleiss {1925-} M: Alfriede Lichtenfels
                         Katharina Schleiss {1930-} M: George Glasenhardt
                         Rosalie Schleiss {1939-} M: Horst Pfeifer
              (Jakob's second wife) M: Katharina Konig
                    Jakob Schleiss {1909-?} M: Elisabetha Kraus
                         Mathias Schleiss {1930}
     Susanna Schleiss {1807-?} M: Michael Hahner
     Katharina Schleiss {1810-1831} M: Philip Koch
     Josef Schleiss {1815-1847} M: Apollonia Steiner
          Anton Schleiss {1837-?} M: Anna Maria Folkman {1840-?}
               Josef Schleiss {1867-?}
               Johann Schleiss {1869-?}
               Michael Schleiss {1872-?}
               Apollonia Schleiss {1876-?}
               Anton Schleiss {1878-?}
               Eva Schleiss {1879-?}
          Magdalena Schleiss {1842-?} M: Ludovicus Pecz
               Eva Pecz {1867-?} M: Christopher Schneider
                    Andreas Schneider {1888-?}
                    Helen Schneider {1889-?}
               Maria Pecz {1874-?} M: Andreas Witttmann

Did you find your great grandparents on this tree? Drop me a line.