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North American Schleis Database (1764-1929)
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 Here's a database of every Schleis and Schleiss I could find living in the United States prior to 1931. I did not look for other variations of spelling, although I know some branches now go by Slice and Schlais.
   I made a few leaps of judgement in assembling some of the families in this database, so please just use this information as a guide in your own research.
   The information came from various years of census, some online birth and death databases, personal family web pages, ships manifests and newspaper obituaries, to name a few. Names are listed under each relevant state. (For instance, if a person was born in Nevada, living in Colorado in 1870, but had a social security number issued in Ohio, they would be cross-referenced under all three states.)
     Please contact me if you have further information or wish to offer a correction, or if you want to ask if I have more details about someone listed in this database.


Names in the online database: 459 and counting