The Seigfried Family History and Tree
Seigfried Family Tree

  1. Generations are different colors, with children indented below their parents. To find a child's parent, look for the first indented name of a different color above that child. Because this list is very long, you may have to scroll quite a bit to find the parent.
  2. Since the point of this list is to help you find your pedigree, children known to have died young are not included here.
  3. "M" stands for married. Additional spouses are only included if they resulted in children that could have lived to adulthood.
  4. Available records stopped around 1895 for most family branches. That means if you see a couple having children around 1894-95, there is a good chance they had more children that are not on this list.
  5. I wanted the list to be as useful as possible, so I included generations born up to the 1940s. That means there are some living individuals on this list. If you are on this list and you object, please accept my apologies and e-mail me to have your name taken off.

Sebastian Seigfried & Anna Bretmacher
       1) Mathias Seigfried {1804-1831} M: Anna Eckhardt
              Jakob Seigfried {1830-1853} M: Marianna Schmeckenbecher
       2) Peter Seigfried {1807-1866} M: Barbara Hunjasch
              Katharina Seigfried {1829-1886} M: George Halser / Sebastian Matheis
                     Theresia Halser {1856-} M: Fideli Baumann
                            Sebastian Baumann {1875-}
                                   Fideli Baumann {1877-}
                                   Anna Baumann {1881-}
                                   Theresia Baumann {1886-}
                                   George Baumann {1888-}
                                   Josef Baumann {1893-}
                            Joseph Matheis {1868-} M: Regina Konradt
                     Katharina Matheis {1870-} M: Henry Lang
                            Anna Lang {1889-}
                            Marianna Lang {1893-}
              Anna Seigfried {1832-} M: Leonard Kast
                     Susanna Kast {1859-} M: Paul Schwarz
                            Magdalena Schwarz {1879-}
                            Leonard Schwarz {1882-}
                            Peter Schwarz {1884-}
                            Josef Schwarz {1887-}
                     Theresia Kast {1861-} M: Josef Ackerman
                            Anna Ackerman {1881-}
                            Peter Ackerman {1883-}
                            Theresia Ackerman {1886-}
                            George Ackerman {1890-}
                     Marianna Kast {1864-} M: Peter Butsch
                            Katharina Butsch {1885-}
                            Anton Butsch {1886-}
                            Rosina Butsch {1889-}
                            Peter Butsch {1893-}
                            Anna Butsch {1895-}
                     Anna Kast {1866-} M: Sebastian Rudolf
                            Katharina Rudolf {1890-}
                            Anton Rudolf {1892-}
                            Sebastian Rudolf {1895-}
              Theresia Seigfried {1834-1862} M:Michael Franz
              Sebastian Seigfried {1844-} M: Theresia Fischer
                     Anna Seigfried {1869-1945} M: Ignatius Konradt
                            Margaretha Konradt {1889-}
                            Peter Konradt {1892-}
                     George Seigfried {1871-} M: Franziska Seigfried
                            Sebastian Seigfried
                     Barbara Seigfried {1878-}
       3) Sebastian Seigfried {1811-1863} M: Theresia Matheis; Barbara Rudolf
              (Children with Theresia Matheis)
              Theresia Seigfried {1834-1863} M: Michael Butsch
                     Theresia Butsch {1858-}
                     Katharina Butsch {1860-} M: Franz Hellmann
                            Johann Hellmann {1882-}
                     Franz Butsch {1863-) M: Anna Baumann
                            Eva Butsch {1887-}
                            Theresia Butsch {1888-}
                            Marianna Butsch {1890-}
              Josef Seigfried {1836-1892} M: Theresia Knobl
                     Anton Seigfried {1863-} M: Eva Baumann
                            Martin Seigfried {1892-}
                            Anna Seigfried {1895-}
                     Josef Seigfried {1867-1945} M: Theresia Butsch
                            Katharina Seigfried {1891-}
                            Adam Seigfried {1893-}
                     Sebastian Seigfried {1870-} M: Katharina Butsch
                     Jakob Seigfried {1872-} M: Anna Frauer
                     Stephan Seigfried {1876-}
                     Theresia Seigfried {1878-}
              Anna Seigfried {1838} M: Johann Gillmann
                     Johann Gillmann {1877-}
                     Theresia Gillmann {1880-}
              (Sebastian Seigfried's children with Barbara Rudolf)
              Balthasar Seigfried {1850-1916} M: Gertrude Schnitzler
                     Theresia Seigfried {1875-} M: Johann Martin
                     Adam Seigfried {1879- 1961} M: Gertrude Schnitzler; Katharina Rudolf
                            (Children with Gertrude Schnitzler)
                            Adam Seigfried
                            Josef Seigfried
                            Gertrude Seigfried
                            (Children with Katharina Rudolf)
                            Anna Seigfried {1918-}
                            Theresia Seigfried {1924-}
                            Marianna Seigfried {1925-}
                     Stephan Seigfried {1882-1916} M: Barbara Zengaf
                            Balthasar Seigfried {1907-} M: Rose Schnitzler
                     Anna Seigfried {1888-} M: George Seider
                            Anna Seider {1907-}
                            Gretchen Seider
                            Michael Seider
                            Adam Seider
              Sebastian Seigfried {1852-1895} M: Anna Knobl
                     Theresia Seigfried {1880-}
                     Magdalena Seigfried {1882-}
                     Anna Seigfried {1884-}
                     Fideli Seigfried {1887-}
              Anna Maria Seigfried {1857-} M: George Etti
                     Johann Etti {1878-}
              Magdalena Seigfried {1859-} M: Josef Mellerth
                     Josef Mellerth {1880-}
                     Anna Mellerth {1890-}
              Martin Seigfried {1861-} M: Theresia Hunjasch; Franziska Hunjasch
                     (Children with Theresia Hunjasch)
                     Eva Seigfried {1885-1948} M: Sebastian Baumann
                            Jakob Baumann {1904-}
                     Anton Seigfried {1887-} M: Theresia Milli
                            Rosina Seigfried {1908-}
                            Johann Seigfried {1909-}
                            Theresia Seigfried {1913-}
                     Theresia Seigfried {1890-} M: Nikolaus Seigfried
                            Josef Seigfried {1913-}
                     (Children with Franziska Hunjasch)
                     Marianna Seigfried {1892-} M: -Osti
                     Sebastian Seigfried
       4) Agatha Seigfried {1819-1889} M: Peter Muller
              Theresia Muller {1841-} M: Martin Muller; Wendelin Eisele
                     Anna Marie Muller {1871-} M: Stephan Konradt
                            Theresia Konradt, 1893
                            Josef Eisele {1875-}
                            Wendelin Eisele {1880-}
              George Muller {1845-} M: Rosalia Konradt
              Stephan Muller {1847-} M: Margaretha Franz
                     Anna Muller {1872-} M: Konad Eckhardt
                            Theresia Eckhardt {1891-}
                     Michael Muller {1874-}
                     Johann Muller {1880-}
                     Stephan Muller {1886-}
                     Theresia Muller {1881-}
              Anna Muller {1850-} M: Jakob Gillmann
                     Anna Gillmann {1874-} M: Johann Gfrerer
                            Anna Gfrerer {1892-}
                            Stephan Gfrerer {1894-}
                     Theresia Gillmann {1877-}
                     Katharina Gillmann {1879-}
              Apolonia Muller {1859-} M: Fideli Knobl
                     Anna Knobl {1881-}
                     Theresia Knobl {1883-}
                     Katharina Knobl {1889-}
                     Fideli Knobl {1891-}
                     Magdalena Knobl {1895-}
              Marcus Muller {1861-} M: Anna Matheis
                     Jakob Muller {1886-}
                     George Muller {1893-}
                     Sebastian Muller {1895-}

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