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Okay kids!  This is your page.  Send me your thoughts, your stories, or your comments about the book or yourself.  (Please get your parent's permission, and remember first names only with your state or country)  By submitting your stories and comments you are giving me permission to post them on the site without compensation.  Thank you for sharing with others!

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It’s Great to be Me!!


It doesn’t matter if I’m short or tall,

Or maybe my hair is red,

I might wear glasses or be a little plump,

It doesn’t matter what any one said.


Maybe I talk unlike the others,

Or maybe I can’t hear or see,

I may have to wear a brace on my leg,

It doesn’t matter, cause it’s great to be me!


Everyone is different in many ways,

But we are the same inside too,

We all like to laugh and play and have fun,

It’s all we really want to do!


It’s great to be me I can do many things,

And I know that you can too,

Why don’t we all join together,

Even the kids who are new.


Let’s celebrate each other’s differences,

Teach others to understand,

That being different is a special gift,

And caring is reaching out a hand.


I may be able to do some things,

That you are unable to do,

But you can do many other things,

That are special, only from you!


Let’s get together and share,

With others we’ll have lots to see,

We’ll have many friends to play with,

And we’ll all shout- it’s great to be me!


 copyright Dana Smith-Mansell 2004


No Power to Bullies


I give no power to bullies,

And this is how it works,

When they start their teasing,

In my head I call them jerks.


As their taunting continues,

I decide to take a stand,

I look them in the eye,

And take the upper hand.


First I tell them “Stop,”

You have no business with me,”

If that doesn’t work,

I safely try to leave.


I try not to show emotion,

Even though I’m trembling inside,

I will not give them the power,

Of letting them see me cry.


I walk to find a teacher,

Or another caring adult,

I share my story with them,

And hope that they will help.


I learn to walk tall, head up right,

And remember how special I am,

For I can be the first one,

To take power from the bullies’ hand.

 copyright Dana Smith-Mansell 2005

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A Short Rhyme to Remember


Talk, to trusted adults

Walk away safely when you can,

Balk at taunting and teasing,

Against bullying you can stand.

     Dana Smith-Mansell 2005

This little rhyme may help you  

remember some things you

can do to help yourself against



Talk.  It is very important for you

to talk to a trusted adult.  A teacher,

your parents, aunts, uncles, or any

other grown-up.  You must let others

know what is happening to you.  You

have a right to feel safe.


Walk.  If you can do it safely, try to

walk away from the bullies.  You don’t

have to say anything, just walk away,

and don’t pay attention to anything

they might say.  Make sure you tell a

trusted adult right away.


Balk.  By talking to adults who can

help and making sure you help others

who may be bullied, you are saying

“I will not accept bullying.”  “I

am blocking bullying by making

sure we all are safe.”


You have the power to help stop

Bullying.  Talk to your teachers,

parents, and friends.  Make sure

your school and community supports

“NO BULLYING.”  Be active. 

Help yourself and others.  You are

Special AND you can do it!


Please email me to let me know

what you have done! 

Coming soon...

Information about FAB  (Friends Against Bullying)

This will be a group that will help you support No More Bullying in your schools and communities.  If everyone sticks together, bullies will have no power!

Always remember...YOU ARE SPECIAL!!!

If someone is teasing and bullying you, or making you feel uncomfortable or scared-YOU MUST TELL A GROWN-UP. They will help you!  You have the right to feel safe.


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