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This page is for parents, aunts, uncles,grandparents, and any other adult friends who want to share.  Send me your stories via email or by post (address on page one) and we will help others through sharing.   Remember only first names, city, and state.

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A book review by Robin, NC      Thank you Dana.  I received the book today.  I read it and I have to tell you how much I enjoyed it.  The story is fun and entertaining to read, the illustrations are adorable and it teaches a wonderful lesson in a way that all children can easily understand.  I am giving it to my niece for Christmas and I know she will just love the inscription you included. I'll let you know what she says after she hears it.                                                                     

A Mother shares her son's story             Kyle is 6 and in Kindergarten. He never cares about what he wears or looks like...he's a boy.  Last Friday, however, he was running around the house trying to straighten his curly hair.  He was crying in front of the bathroom mirror calling out ... "It keeps poking up!"  Since Matt blow drys his hair, I told Kyle to go see his dad who would straighten his hair.  I thought is was cute that he started caring about his appearance and he went to school that day with straight hair.  But since he was so upset, I tried to find out why he wanted is hair straight so suddenly....this is the sad part...remember that he is only 6 years old...He said, "Because maybe Andrew and Shawn won't recognize me on the bus."  Apparently, these two boys have been ganging up on Kyle and teasing him.  I've already helped Kyle with this situation-- counseled Kyle, notified the parents/teachers/bus driver, and Kyle has curly hair again.  But it still breaks my heart that my young son was trying to disguise himself to avoid being bullied.                             Heidi, Pennsylvania                                                                


Signs Your Child may be a victim of bullying


Withdraws from previous activities and friends


Sudden appearance of unexplained bruises or other injuries


Personal items are missing


Mystery illnesses occur in attempts to avoid school or activities


Changes routines (ex.  Walks a different way to school, avoids bus, etc.) to avoid bullies


Torn clothes


Aggression at home, especially from a previously non-aggressive child


Withdrawn at home, wants to be alone more than usual


Child is heard crying in room without any obvious cause


Child has become anxious/nervous


Has difficulty sleeping


Disparaging graffiti/messages may appear on his/her books, telephone messages, computer, outside the home


Avoids the school bus


Appears anxious, sullen, harried, or distant when he/she arrives home after school


Eating too little or too much


These are some of the basic more obvious signs-you need to know you child, and be alert to changes in his/her behavior.




This information is not to be considered all inclusive. The information presented here is compiled for general informational purposes only.  It is by no means a substitute for professional, medical, or legal advice.  The author in no way endorses or recommends any topics, programs, or possible resolutions to your individual situation.  You are strongly encouraged to seek the help and support of professionals. Information presented has been compiled from a variety of resources


Help others by supporting Anti-Bullying in your schools & community.

More help hints...coming soon!

How You Can Help Your Child & Others


  • Be aware of changes in your child’s behavior
  • Be open to discussing and listening to your child
  • If you suspect a problem, talk with your child and to the school or other responsible adults who may be in the area where the bullying takes place
  • Be vigilant in supporting and adopting a “No Bullying” policy in your schools and community
  • Stand up for those who may not be able to speak for themselves
  • Encourage your children by being a positive role model
  • Do not allow your children to pick on others
  • Encourage your child to be aware of and accept differences in everyone
  • Teach and encourage all children to be aware of others and seek help for those who are unable to ask for help
  • Help children to develop self-worth
  • Encourage and support them in their interests
  • Show/teach children that everyone is different and being different is “okay”
  • If you see bullying happening, try to safely stop it, or tell a responsible adult what is happening
  • Encourage the victim to tell a trusting adult




  • By taking a stance, you are saying that bullying is not okay!





Children are the gate keepers of tomorrow


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