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On TV...

WNEP Newswatch 16 with Julie Sidoni.                                                                                                               Aired 6/6/05 @ 7 P.M., & 6/7/05 @ noon                                                                                                                    Comcast Tonight, with Janelle Wolfe                                                                                                    Airing 3/10/05 @ 6pm,7pm,10pm, & 11pm  

Groups and organizations...

4/24/05  St. Mark's United Church of Christ, Cressona, PA.  Discussion, reading, and book signing for Church School attendees.                                                                                                            6/24/05  Totsville Day Care Center, Minersville, PA.  Discussion, reading, and book signing.                                                                                                         

Stop Bullying Bobby will be read and shared with the students of Mahanoy Elementary Center on October 12, 2005.  The elementarty program host a family reading night and provides other activities for the children and families.  This school will be "kicking off" an anti-bullying program this year.  Thanks to Mahanoy Elementary for inviting us to share in their program!

Duncott Child Development Center, Minersville, PA.  Reading and sharing November 2, 2005, and November 4, 2005.  I was pleased to have been invited to share with the students here, as many of the staff are folks I worked with many years!  Can't wait!

Child Develpment, After School Program, December 13, 2005.  We read Stop Bullying Bobby, and had very interesting discussions!  These students were ages 8-13 and were really a great bunch of youngsters.  Lots of thoughtful questions and discussion.

Participated with books and art in hand at the Pet Expo, in Hamburg, PA, May 2006

Co-presented a "Poetry & Faith" Worshop, for the Conference of the UCC, October 21, 2006

I was honored to have been invited to speak with the Cressona Lions group at their November 13, 2006 meeting.

With books, art, and original gift line in tow-we participated in the Craft Fair at Providence Place, November 18, 2006. 

Sharing my books and other creative endeavors at the Pet Expo, Hamburg, PA.  May 2007

October 3 & 4, 2007. Orwigsburg Public Library, reading to 5 classes of youngsters from the local elementary school.

Author appearances...coming soon!

1/29/05 Waldenbooks, Fairlane Mall, Pottsville, PA                                                                                                        3/3/05 Bloomsburg University, Women Change America Celebration,      guest speaker.                                                                                                                                    5/15/05   Join us at the May Fair and Art Festival in  historic down town  Pottsville, PA.  Lots of vendors, crafters, artisans, and live entertainment.  Fun for the whole family!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Stop Bullying Bobby was chosen by the Literacy Council of Schuylkill County for 2005!  The book was read to every second grade class in Schuylkill County on September 23, 2005.  Many volunteers from all various professions as well as parents volunteer to read for this organization every year!  I was honored to have my book selected for this important reading support program.  Special thanks to Mrs. Koch's second grade class for sharing so openly and being so attentive for our presentation.  They are one of the many second grade classes at John S. Clarke, Elementary Center, Pottsville, PA.

September 23-25, 2005-Riverfest, in Reading PA.

October 15, 2005.  Historic downtown Pottsville will host the arts Festival. Come to see local talent as well as those visiting the area!

Pottsville Republican Reading Festival, November 5, 2005 at the Frackville Mall, PA.  I have been invited to read and share Stop Bullying Bobby with children in attendance.  Thanks to Stacy Murphy of the Literacy Council for inviting me!

Thank you Pottsville Republican & Herald, for inviting me once again to participate in the Family Reading Festival, sponsored by the the Republican, the Literacy Council, Inc., Child Development, the Reading Council, and WVIA-TV.  November 4, 2006

On the radio with...

Bob Gourley, Issues Today, Los Angeles, CA   12/10/04

In the newspaper...

Pottsville Republican & Herald Newspaper, Pottsville, PA.  September 24 & 25, 2005

Reading Eagle, February 11, 2005

Pottsville Republican & Herald-November 2006, included in coverage for annual Reading Festival.

Pottsville Republican & Herald, Fall 2006, Thanks to reporter Stephen Pytak, who contacted me for an interview regarding a new bullying video game.

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