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We join together to share and provide information for you!    The following links have agreed to share reciprocal site information to help provide you with insightful information-please visit their sites!    

The Bully Book: A Discusion and Activity Story Children's Discusiion book on the subject of bullying. Illustrations can be colored as bullying is discussed. Question and answer section for both children and caregivers.

Learning Abilities Books Pre-K - 5th Grade Regular & Special Education Resources, plus information about writing children's books "Where you are not alone"

Bully Police USA: A Watch-Dog Organization reporting on State Anti-Bullying Laws & Advocating for Bullied Children

A site developed by a mom who lost her son due to bullying and suicide. She offers a wealth of information and heart felt information.

Do you have a link, book, or activity about bullying to share?  Send me an email, so we can share with others!

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Articles of Interest...

Please email me for information regarding informative articles written.  For example:  "Teaching Mutual Respect-No Bullying Allowed."

More resources!

Education World-a site filled with learning resources and information for professionals, parents, and students.

Book Directory for People (Contains all types of books (adults & children) General book directory

If we all work together...we can reach, teach, and help many!  Join us in educating society about bullying!


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