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Stop Bullying Bobby!
By Dana Smith-Mansell
In Stop Bullying Bobby a little girl sees another kid being bullied and is compelled to help him.   After telling her parents about the situation, andtalking with Bobby, the bullied child, the girl finally gets help for her friend.  From there the book shows some very effective strategies for solving the problem of bullying.  
This book is an informative book for teaching children how to deal with bullies.  It gives some great problem solving ideas to those who are dealing with bullies.  I thought it had quite a few words per page for a picture book, but Stop Bullying Bobby was written for educational and not entertainment purposes.  
The illustrations in this book were cute and simple.  The artist did a good job of showing the facial expressions of the people in the book.                                                                                                                      We give Stop Bullying Bobby our Drawkcab’s Book Look seal of approval!
Reviewed 2005 by Rosalind Morris
Drawkcab Brown Town Staff

  Betsy B. Lee, ED. S in Psychology                                                                                                                                  The author is a preschool service coordinator and behavioral consultant working with special needs children and their families providing emotional and social support.
    An often overlooked aspect of the bullying situation is the bully's need to develop responsibility for improved behavior and the responsibility of adults and classmates. This engaging story is from the perspective of a child who saw a new classmate bullied. She took action by confiding in her parents and the teacher. The school counselor used puppets to help children develop understanding. The victim and two of the bullies began some new behaviors. If the book ended here, it might seem to be an oversimplification of a difficult problem. However at this point, the author opens the door for valuable discussions. The last four pages list items with these headings.
    1. Ways Children Can Cope with Bullying
    2. Ways Parents, Teachers, and other Adults Can Help Children Who Are Being Bullied
    3. Ways to Help Bullies Change
    4. Places to Call for Help or Advice
    5. Web Sites to Visit for Helpful Advice
I highly recommend this for parents and school personnel to use with children.
Reviewed by
Betsy B. Lee, Ed. S. in School Psychology
Learning Abilities Books

While I felt the story was “too grown up” to have been told by the seven-year-old narrator, I do believe the story was very well thought out and offers a valuable lesson for both children and adults, alike.

Stop Bullying Bobby shows how verbal and physical abuse can stifle victims while instructing children in healthy, safe ways to protect other children from bullies. It also reminds children that it’s okay to be different and that in our differences, we’re special and worthy of love and acceptance.

Finally, the book ends with great, short, but concise tips to help parents and teachers stop bullying in their community as well as tips on helping bullied children find protection and safety.

                                                                                                             Alyice Edrich is the publisher and editor of The Dabbling Mum-a national publication for busy parents

The Dabbling Mum

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