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Welcome to our blog!  We ARE the terriers!  We have  finally demanded equal rights for web here we are!  We're sure you will find variety in our blogging as there are four of us, and while we may look alike, we have very different views and personalities.  We hope you will continue to visit us, and even send us an email-that would be awesome!

Since we have been known to "speak" and "show" our may be embarking on an enlightening journey through our site.  We can be a little forceful at times, but for the most part, we just enjoy life!  Thanks for your visit!  Who knows how are site will grow? 

Basic Intro by Hanna.  That's me on the far left in the pic...yea I know, I'm cute.  As you can see there are four of us-3Westie girls and one Scottie boy.  (We have a cat Kearsey too, but she's camera shy...maybe later)  We range in age from one to thirteen...yea, I'm not sure ANY of us was too happy when the puppy arrived, but I digress.  We all got together and decided it was time for us to have our "own" place to talk-so here we are!  You'll find we ALWAYS have SOMETHING to say.  Read more about us on the ABOUT US page (look left).  Later...

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

A Busy Week

Hanna:  Well it’s been pretty busy ‘round here.  Dogs going for tests, outside work being done for Spring (yay), and hair cuts for everyone! 


Trevar:  Finally got a hair cut-seems the women in the house always get there’s first.  I heard a “rumor” I might finally be going back to school.  (The little one always seems to be going to school)  I like school, especially agility.


Darby:  Yesterday I had to go to the doctor.  They poked me with needles, and I couldn’t have my breakfast at home, but I did get it later at the doctor’s.  I thought I was gonna’ starve!


Rori:  Well my Bile Acid test (whatever that is) from last week came back fine.  My owners were really happy.  Yesterday I went with Darby to the doctor’s for more tests-I guess that means more waiting.  My belly has healed great and I can run and jump and have fun!  I’ll be starting school again on Thursday!  Yippee!

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Hey, guess you can tell we are under construction...give us a break...we're dogs...we have to wait until "you know who" types in our stuff.

Watch for special commentaries on the world at large or at our house...could be very enlightening.

Here we are-no we're not levitating in space!
Rori, Darby, Hanna & Trevar

A friend, Rori, Hanna Trick Class
one week before Rori's surgery

Here's little Rori sleeping after her
surgery. She kinda' thought we were there...

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