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Hanna, I am
I am Hanna

Just for the record...I am Hanna, the Chief Editor of this site.  You will hear my "voice" in a lot of the commentary and background information.  They chose me, and I didn't even have to give up food!  They said it was because I'm a good talker...I think it is really for other reasons.

I love to eat the pears right off the tree-


I'm Darby, that's me above.  I just celebrated my 13th birthday in March, but I don't feel 13, except my legs give out sometimes.  I dislocated my hip a few years back and had to have surgery, so I've always been a little wobbly-but it doesn't stop me from chasing the squirrels who dare to get in our yard.  I've done the usual, gone to many dog training classes, love to go for walks and rides in the car, but best of all I love to lay in the cool green grass under the warm sun.  I could just stay there for hours!  I love eating the pears fresh off the tree and tomatoes and strawberries fresh from the garden.  I have taught each one of the other dogs in the house, how to play.  I am very gentle and sensitive, and I live for belly rubs!

My Name is Trevar-I am a red brindle scottie


Well I am the only male, beside the "big guy" in a house dominated by women-what can I say?  I tend to take it all in stirde.  I am very sensitive, but try not to show it, cause that wouldn't be very scottie-like.  I love agility-I can do the teeter better than any dog I know!  I also like to bark at the groundhog family that lives in our back yard-otherwise I'm pretty quiet.  I tend to observe first, unlike the women in house.  I like all people and am considered quite outgoing in that respect.  And as most Scotties do, I LOVE to eat-but I'm trim and fit, and actually quite handsome and dignified.  I love to play and climb on people's backs.  I know a lot of tricks and love to learn new things.

I'm Kearsey, the one and only cat in this house...
and I like it that way

Well I've been here longer than any of these dogs!  I was adopted from the SPCA over 14 years ago.  Some times I chase the dogs, and some times they chase me-it gets to be game.  I usually don't go outside, unless it is summer and every one else is out in the fenced in yard.  I don't ask for much, just my dinner, when I'm hungry, and a few pats on the head and a brushing-otherwise I'm pretty contect to sleep, as long as that little white rug rat leaves me alone.  I keep them all in line though-someone has to maintain order.

The Life a Dog

You know it's not always easy being a dog.  Sure it looks like it's a piece of cake, but it is a big responsiblity, and sometimes comes with rules.  Rule # 1-no peeing in the house (I agree with this one-that would be disgusting).  Rule #2-no eating anything that the owner doesn't okay first (like no rabbits droppings-doesn't she know this is a delicacy in foreign countries?).  Rule # 3-Always come when called (aw c'mon, there are times when we may find a good smell or better yet a tasty delicacy to roll in...who wants to stop?) Rule # 4-No eating cat food (hey it just takes better outta' her dish)                          Come back for more rules there's tons...not that we always agree!                         

Hail hail the gang's all here

We are family...

I love the camera and love to pose!


You probably figured it out by now, I'm Hanna. I am as active and full of energy as a puppy.  I'm always goin' to training classes, and the younger ones can't keep up w/me.  I don't mean to brag (well yes I do), I am very very smart!  I understand so much language (human that is).  Careful what you say around me.  I love to play and run, and really like to inspect bags brought into the house.  You never know if there could be something bad or good in there.  I know lots of tricks and commands, and work readily for food.  I am writing my own book, The World According to Hanna, but I always have to wait until my typist gets her stuff done--sheesh!  (She doesn't realize she's holding back the new best seller.)  Any way...I LOVE to have fun...and anything is game! 

I'm Rori and I'm the youngest
Trevar & Hanna taught me how to climb high


I have a tail like a retriever-it is always wagging.  I'm pretty happy here, actually I'm pretty happy anywhere.  I learn new tricks every day, and love to show off for people.  Some day, I'm gonna' be as smart as Hanna.  (Don't tell her but I think I'm catching up)  I'm always going to dog school, and I get to meet lots of new people and dogs.  When I get bigger, I'm gonna' be a therapy dog like Trevar and Hanna.  I'm just learning agility, but I think I'm getting the "hang" of it.  I really like everybody and love when people and other dogs talk to me.  I really really like to chase squirrels, but I'm not allowed to catch one.  I also like to swim.  I am a lot of just have to meet me in person!

Well there you have it-the basics about us.  So whaja' think?  We're pretty much fun, once you get to know us.  Like I said, most of us may look the same, but we can be very different.  I was just telling our owner the other day, "Hey I think we need a bigger pool since we now have Rori."  Do you think she'll listen?                   

Owners' note:  I'm working on it

Living with Humans

Come back to read...I'm workin' on it

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Curious, playful, and always ready...terriers fill your life with humor, love, and a keen awareness, that dogs have all the power-D. Smith-Mansell


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