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These are the books that we like and recommend.  There is some good reading here, so check it out!  Of course, our owner has either written or contributed to most of them, but hey we know somethin' good when we read it!


Some times we get a little upset with our owner, when she spends a lot of time writing and drawing...we sit and watch her until she gets the's time to play!  She does include us in on her readings, as she values our opinions.  When she first write a poem or greeting card she always asks us for our input.  And of course with each book or story, we have ALWAYS guided her hand.  So even though her name is on/in most of these books, we know who her ghostwriters are <wink>

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Curious, playful, and always ready...terriers fill your life with humor, love, and a keen awareness, that dogs have all the power-D. Smith-Mansell


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