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We are Canine Actors & Models

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If you happen to need small dogs with a variety of skills and talent-we're your dogs!  We all have extensive training and we are cute to boot!

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The Basics about our Talents

We all have passed our Canine Good Citizen test.  (Except Rori...she's just starting her class).  Every one of has gone through many many training classes including; obedience, agility, acting, therapy dog, conformation, trick, and clicker classes.  We all love the camera as you can see!  Each of us can demonstrate a variety of expression from a verbal cue, and we LOVE attention and tricks!  Whether you need active dog actors or models or a posed model, we can fill your need. Hey give us a call...we won't let you down!  We have the "awwwwww" effect on people.

What's with all the Shots?

By Darby

I'm not the type of dog that usually complains about much, but I am perplexed.  I don't understand why every year, without fail, we as dogs must endure a trip to the Veterinarian's office to be poked with a needle-not to mention that spot gets pretty sore, and sometimes we just don't feel well afterwards.  Why, year after year, are we subject to those nasty little injections?  Are we that infectious?  Is there some strange anomaly that will occur to those who live with us, if we don't get those injections?  Do we not build up antibodies like humans?  Heck we even have laws telling our owners to get us shots, or else they get fined.  Now I understand that rabies can be a serious disease but really, do we have to get that shot every two or three years?  Don't we EVER build up an immunity?  Apparently not, because year after year, our owners drag us to the Vet to get jabbed in the butt.  Why?  Because that is what is recommended-I guarantee it is not a recommendation by any dog, or cat for that matter.  I just wish more doctors would look into the seriousness and possible adverse affects of all those shots.  You can't tell's all good.  It doesn't feel good.  So if there are any Veterinarians out there listening, I hope you will here us when we ask...please look into over vaccination.  If we could talk, we'd tell you..."we don't need all those shots all the's gotta' be messin' with our bodies."  Would you like to continually be injected with vaccines?  Check it out please!

Will Work for Food

By Trevar

We're an easy going bunch...we work for food, it's in our contract.  It may not be in the contract we with have with you, but it is in the contract we have with our owner/manager.  She supplies the food, and we provide the entertainment and talent.  When we work, she assures us with great rewards, outside the usual physical stuff.  Oh the liverwurst, or all beef hot dogs...excuse me...........  I had to go do a "spin left" at the thought of those tasty delicacies...ummmm.  Well just so you know, our contracts are basic- food and praise.  However, our owner/manager's contracts do involve negotiable monetary fees based on your acting or model needs...just email her...she's fair.  Hey maybe she'll even give you some liverwurst! 

You can read more about our individual bios here!

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If people would share like dogs, what a wonderful world it would be!  Hanna Smith-Mansell & Dana Smith-Mansell

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