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Welcome to our blog!  We ARE the terriers!  We have  finally demanded equal rights for web here we are!  We're sure you will find variety in our blogging as there are four of us, and while we may look alike, we have very different views and personalities.  We hope you will continue to visit us, and even send us an email-that would be awesome!

Since we have been known to "speak" and "show" our may be embarking on an enlightening journey through our site.  We can be a little forceful at times, but for the most part, we just enjoy life!  Thanks for your visit!  Who knows how are site will grow? 

Basic Intro by Hanna.  That's me on the far left in the pic...yea I know, I'm cute.  As you can see there are four of us-3Westie girls and one Scottie boy.  (We have a cat Kearsey too, but she's camera shy...maybe later)  We range in age from one to thirteen...yea, I'm not sure ANY of us was too happy when the puppy arrived, but I digress.  We all got together and decided it was time for us to have our "own" place to talk-so here we are!  You'll find we ALWAYS have SOMETHING to say.  Read more about us on the ABOUT US page (look left).  Later...

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Grouhdhog duty
I am in charge of the groundhog family that live behind our yard.  I am the ONLY one who really cares where they are at.  Would you believe a few weeks ago, while we all were quietly sunning ourselves in our fenced in yard, one of those groundhogs had the audacity to sneak in behind me and grab a pear!  Well I showed him!  Lucky for him he got under the deck where we couldn't get 'em!  Course with all our yelping and carrying on, we had to go inside, but we left him know, "STAY OUT!"
4:39 pm edt

So...we're back!
I (Hanna) want to report, with the weather changing here on the east coast, I am shivering alot lately.  You wanna' know why?  Because a few weeks ago, I had to wear a heart monitor on my back.  And you know what they did?  They shaved my chest area and up my sides-now I don't have any hair there.  I tried to tell 'em I just GOT a hair cut, but they didn't listen.  Any way, I only weigh 14lbs, you know how much that monitor weighed?  OVER 1 lb, and I HAD to carry it on my back.  I kept losing my balance and bumpin into things.  (I didn't think it was funny)  After all that, and shaved skin, they didn't find anythin wrong-go figure.  Two weeks later I find myself at yet ANOTHER doctor, and they are now shaving my belly and sides.  Then they put cold jelly on it and rolled a machine around.  What will humans think of next?  So...I'm cold.
4:32 pm edt

"Somebody fell way behind..."
We, the Terriers, formed a mutiny because our blog has not been attended to in months.  It shouldn't matter that Hanna had to have a kidney ultrasound and had to be taken for numerous other tests, nor that Rori finally got spayed, or that Darby developed a bladder infection, or that we all have to keep going back to the vet every so many weeks because our owners refuses to allow us to get more than one shot at a time, and Trevar...well he's just Trevar -one of the guys.  So we stared and stared and wouldn't budge until she sat down and signed on to "The Terrier Bloggers."
4:26 pm edt

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

A Busy Week

Hanna:  Well it’s been pretty busy ‘round here.  Dogs going for tests, outside work being done for Spring (yay), and hair cuts for everyone! 


Trevar:  Finally got a hair cut-seems the women in the house always get there’s first.  I heard a “rumor” I might finally be going back to school.  (The little one always seems to be going to school)  I like school, especially agility.


Darby:  Yesterday I had to go to the doctor.  They poked me with needles, and I couldn’t have my breakfast at home, but I did get it later at the doctor’s.  I thought I was gonna’ starve!


Rori:  Well my Bile Acid test (whatever that is) from last week came back fine.  My owners were really happy.  Yesterday I went with Darby to the doctor’s for more tests-I guess that means more waiting.  My belly has healed great and I can run and jump and have fun!  I’ll be starting school again on Thursday!  Yippee!

7:27 am edt

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Bile Acid Test Day

Rori:  Well I was a little scared on Monday.  First of all every

body got breakfast but me.  First they want me to eat, then they

don’t want me to eat-somebody should make up their mind.  I

figured somethin’ was up when I was the only one to get in the

 car.  But I was happy to go along.  We finally stopped and they

came to get me out of my crate and … “oh no! guess where we

were?”  “The doctor’s office again.”  I was a little nervous cause

 I remembered the cut my belly last time I was here, but I still

crooned and talked when I went in.  Next thing the doctor came

and got me and took me in the back room, I kept looking for my

 owner, cause I didn’t know what was happening.  He took out

my stitches (he is very nice), and then stuck a needle in me (ouch).

  Then I went back to my owner and I thought we were going

home…NOT!  She took me to the car to feed me (which was

really strange, I never ate in the car before).  After I ate we took

a short walk and THEN…she took me back inside, and left me

 there!  I was really upset, but I kept a stiff upper lip, and lots

of people talked to me.  Then two hours later they took more blood

 (“Hey leave some for later”)  Any way my owner came and got me

finally, and we went home.  I was tired so I fell asleep early.  Now

we wait for the results of my Bile Acid test (sounds weird if you

ask me).  Any way, I feel better today, no stitches, good breakfast,

and I’m ready to chase the squirrels!

7:49 am est

We Went see the Champs

Trevar:  On Saturday, me and Rori went in town, to welcome

home one of our local girl’s high school basketball teams-the

Nativity Golden girls!  We watched them play on TV and then

a few hours later we got to see them in a fire truck parade. 

They won!  We saw lots of people waiting for them to come

home...of course people stopped to talk to us too.  Then

suddenly we heard the fire trucks and wow...there was lots

of noise and whistles and cheers!  Every body was so happy,

and the team waved to everybody from the buses.  It was really

 loud with all the fire trucks, but I didn't mind, I just watched as

 they all passed by. 


Rori:  It was my first parade and I have to say, when the fire

truck blew the fog horn right in front of us, I jumped!  It was

really noisy, but it was a lot of fun.  Our owner kept talking to

us, so we weren’t scared at all.  I don’t know if the Champs saw

us, but we saw them and they were so happy!  We met some

nice people too…I think I like parades.


Hanna:  Yea, well I think I should have gone too.  Nobody asked

me.  I had to stay at home with Darby.  Hey, I like parades, and I

coulda’ shown them how to have a good time, but noooo I had

to stay home!



Darby:  I’m glad they didn’t take me.  I really don’t like loud

 noises.  Since I was adopted at two years of age, I didn’t have

a lot of experience outside of a kennel, so I get a little more

scared of different noises.  While I wanted to go wherever the

car went, I’m glad they didn’t take me to a loud parade.


7:35 am est

Friday, March 24, 2006



Hanna:  Ya' know if people were like dogs,the world would be

much better.  Not that there wouldn't be disagreements, but

they would be valid "hey get outta' my

food bowl, I'm not done."  Now that's something to argue

about!  Barking in my face or not playing when I want, is

grounds for discussion, but not an out and out blow out...ya'

know what I mean?  What I'm tryin' to say is, choose your

battles wisely, and make sure if you have to argue, make it

something valuable like food, not because someone didn't

understand you.  Did you really tell them how you felt? 

Think about humans.  (Yea, I know-it's deep for a dog...but

let's see if ya' can get it)  


Trevar:  Boy she gets a little too deep for me-allow other words..."Don't sweat the small stuff,

 there's too much fun to be had!"    


11:04 am est

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Where' Spring?

Hanna:  I woke up this morning and went for a potty break

and had to come right back in-it was too darn cold!                                        

Where 'da heck is Spring?  It was 29 degrees for goodness sakes!                                                                                                           

Darby:   Just let me lay in the cool green grass and bask

in the warmth of the sun.                                                                                                           


Trevar:  Ah yes... this weather is invigorating....manly weather! 


Rori:  It's all pretty fun to me...I just need to get

these stitches outta’ my belly-I have squirrels to chase!                                                                                             


10:42 am est

Monday, March 20, 2006

Rori's surgery
Darby:  Well I felt sorry for the "little one."  I tried to teach her early on, not to swallow pieces of objects, but you know youngsters...they don't listen.  It was pretty nerve wracking until we found out what was wrong with her.  She just kept pacing and pacing.  It was good to have her home again, but I'll just never understand why she insists on growling at us when she comes in the door!"            Hanna:  She smelled like medicine-eeeeeiuuuuu, when she came home!  Of course she was getting a lot of attention, but we still all got our fair share (they're lucky).  I finally just started to play with her, and then she had to go and swallow something, and worse yet, let it get stuck. So now I can't play with her cause she's got stitches in her belly.  Better her than me...I get my own trips to the vet for bloodwork- seems I'm  always  getting poked and prodded.   Well...I'm just glad everybody is home, but I heard she has to go back for more tests...something 'bout a liver shunt?                  Trevar: I  have to admit, even though I missed her, I was kind of liking that I was the youngest once again.  I was pretty put out when she first came (I thought I was the owner's favorite).  But now I'm ready to rough and tumble and she can't, although she wants to.  Guess I'll have to wait for a few more days.  She was really pretty out of it for awhile.                 Rori:    I don't know what the fuss was all about, but man did I have a belly ache!  I couldn't sit still or sleep!  And I didn't want ANY food at all! I went to the Drs. one night and they x-rayed me, and saw a little bit of gas (oops) but nothing else.  So they said if I'm no better, I had to come back.   Ooooohhhh that night was awful, my belly hurt so bad! Well first thing in the morning we were on the road to the Drs. again.  The x-ray now showed LOTS of gas, so off to surgery I went!  They said I did okay.  They pulled out a piece of toy from my intestines.  I have some stiches too!  But I just really didn't want to wake up which concerned the Dr.  So now I am going back for a bile acid test to check for a liver shunt-whatever that is. But I am feeling much better, and eating pretty good too.  I want to play and chase the squirrels, but I'm not allowed to, yet.  But I do feel much much better!                                                              
10:38 am est

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Hey, guess you can tell we are under construction...give us a break...we're dogs...we have to wait until "you know who" types in our stuff.

Watch for special commentaries on the world at large or at our house...could be very enlightening.

Here we are-no we're not levitating in space!
Rori, Darby, Hanna & Trevar

A friend, Rori, Hanna Trick Class
one week before Rori's surgery

Here's little Rori sleeping after her
surgery. She kinda' thought we were there...

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