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Welcome to my site
Welcome to my writing & picture site!
Come back often-the door is always open

Copyright applies here!  No information on this site may be used without the written permission of the author/artist.

What's new?   Page down to see!!!

BULLYING HURTS-A Collection of poems
about Bullying. Click on pic for more info!

Credible Critters Creations-original greeting and note cards, original inspirational scrolls and gifts, personalized poetry and gifts, homemade pet treats, and more!

Thanks for stopping by!  This is my site created to exhibit some of my writing, illustrations, photography, and to share a little about my interests.

This is me
Me & Co-Authors
with two of my co-authors

I wanted to develop a web page to not only exhibit some of my work, but also to eventually share my experiences with those who have similiar interests. I also wanted to show-off my furry friends!

Darby (left) is a West Highland Terrier, and came to live with us at the age of two.  Hanna (also a Westie) came to us as a pup.  Aren't they cute?

What's New?         Here, I will announce any new and upcoming publications.                                                                                                                   New Horizon Press announces the release of  Stop Bullying Bobby!  Helping Children Cope with Teasing and Bullying in  November 2004.  This is a children's story inspired by true events.   Signed copies available from the author or books can be ordered from New Horizon Press. (link below)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Another children's book !!!  The Smith Family's New Puppy-Helping Children Cope with a New Family Member.  June 2008, New Horizon Press.

This story uses my real life pets as characters
They often attend book appearances w/me.

Expressive Aspirations. My online art portfolio

For CREDIBLE CRITTERS, gifts for pet lovers & others, please visit my special site. A host of special gifts, photos, and sentiments are shared by my pets. A gift and thought for everyone. More items added daily! Thanks for visiting!Click here or see link below to search for other high quality gifts and merchandise.

BLESSED ARE THE BEASTS. My personal web site dedicated to the wonderful pets in my life. Stories, photos, poems and special links!

For the Love of Hanna-a memorial tribute site dedicated to an extraordinary dog. Come and share her photos, stories, love, and heartache, as we journey through her life and loss.

ISBN:  0-88282-253-5    $8.95

Visit my personal book site, Stop Bullying Bobby, for more information.

Order signed copies direct from the author

Poetry chapbooks  Published   April 2005                                                    

Poetry for the heart, mind, & soul

Order signed copies from the author

Or, request all books at your local book store!

Comments ?  Suggestions?   Interested in my work? Send me an email-I'd love to hear from you!   Please remember that all information/work contained on this site may not be used without written consent of the author or her guest author/artists.   All work is copyrighted by the author or individual artists named on this site.                                       

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It's a fun place to be!

"What you think in your true" -What Dreams May Come

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