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A Brief "Bit" about ME

Just in case you didn't "catch it," my name is Dana Smith-Mansell.  (Yes I am one of those women who hyphenated their name.)  Although Smith is a common name, it is a family name, and I am proud of it!  (Besides my mother "suggested" I "should"  hyphenate when I became published.)

My original profession is Special Education.  I have a Bachelor's Degree in Special Education, a Master's Degree in Behavior Disorders, and have worked as a teacher, a "substitute Program Supervisor, a consultant to families and staff, and was the Preschool Service Coordinator for our program.  I traveled our rural/residential community to meet with families of young children with special challenges.  It was very rewarding-as I have met so many people and children who have taught me about life.                                                                      

I am now retired from Special Education.  I write for a variety of markets and illustrate as well.  As you explore this site and any of my other sites (on the links page or below), you will hopefully see the variety in my styles and topics.  I am an eclectic spirit and write and illustrate to whatever moves me at the time

           Summer is my favorite time of the year.  It is so colorful, filled with the fragrance of flowers, and painted with various shades of earth colors.  The sun is warm, and I spend my days outdoors as much as possible.  My husband and our fur friends enjoy those warm summer days!

And now, I have been blessed with a new discovery within myself!  I write and illustrate!  I write poetry, "life" essays, pet stories, memoirs, children's stories and books, self-help titles, and I have even "dabbled" in fiction.  I have been shown a fascinating world of expression-and I love it!  I have just started illustrating-children's stories, poetry, title covers, and graphic designs (generated by hand and mind).  Another door has opened!  I am excited about this new journey, and hope to continue to learn and grow in all aspects of my life and careers.     Thank you for visiting my site!   Peace.

I have had many great pleasures in my life.  The best have been friendship, human and furry!

  • Professional Memberships:                                                            Council for Exceptional Children                                                       National Association for the Education of Young Children                                                                                                    Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators                Berks Arts Council                                                                  

  • Pennwriters,Inc.      
  • Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group  
  • Authors Guild

Meet my husband

We were married in 1999, so I guess we're finally not newlyweds anymore.  He, is my very best friend.  Rob grew up in the "burbs" of Philadelphia, but was born in the area we now live in.  He made me laugh, and that's why we fell in love (ahhhhhh).  He is an accountant (you know the money people).  Rob is very kind hearted and supportive-he has had to "deal" with a lot of unforeseen "life circumstances" since our marriage.  He has always stood by my side!                                                                                                   Rob is an AVID Philadelphia Eagle fan, and remains quite disappointed (again), that the Eagles did not "pull it off."  Actually, he is a fan of all the Philadelphia Teams.  His pastime favorites are....Watching sports!  And me of course!(since I'm writing this, I had to put that in).  Rob is kind and generous, and I'm so glad he is a part of my life!  He is my friend and my heart!

"What you think in your true" -What Dreams May Come

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