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Little Billy
watercolor & pen

Rhythm Rats
colored pencil & pen

OOOO-sat on a tack!
colored pencil & pen

Little Billy
watercolor & pen

colored pencil & pen

pencil & pen




I love to be outside and play,

Especially on a sunny day!


The sun is warm and very bright,

It makes my heart feel ever so light!


Outdoors there are many things to do,

Like pick a wild flower, or maybe two!


I can lay down on the cool green grass,

And watch the clouds change as they pass.


I can listen to the different songs of the birds,

Enjoying their music that has no words.


I can watch as the squirrels dance from tree to tree,

I can do all of this, while still being me!


Being outdoors, gives me so many pleasures,

All that I need is the sun, and warm weather!



Appeared on cover "Characters" Mag. April 2004
Enchanted Forest

A Bird Flight


Today I saw a baby bird, fly away from its nest,

I saw the mamma bird watching it; her baby did his best.


He swooped from limb to limb, cautiously at first,

Then he flew to the big oak tree, further away he perched.


I watched the mamma bird closely now, as she seemed a little bit sad,

She tilted her to watch her baby; he was leaving the home that he had.


The baby bird took to flight, disappearing away in the trees,

And the mamma bird sat and watched from the nest, I think she was very well pleased.


She raised her baby to be good and strong, to be able to care for his needs,

The mamma bird had given her baby the support, he needed to live and succeed.


Her nest may be empty for a little while, as her children have all gone away,

But just like my brothers and sisters and me, we return to see mom is okay.


God’s Presence


I saw them picking on Tommy, taunting and teasing him,

I stood there almost frozen, feeling sorrow from within.


How could they be so mean, not caring about his feelings?

Didn’t they see him crying, their taunts were so unyielding!


Surely God could see, the torment Tommy had,

If only God would intervene, then Tommy wouldn’t be sad.


I suddenly remembered God, works His power from within,

He surely would want my help, to pass by would be a sin.


For as Christian I work for God, and help Him teach His ways,

I am here to share with others, that God leads us through our days.


If no one reaches out to another, what kind of world would it be,

A place of fear and mistrust, no one reaching up to see.


See God in all His Glory, His teachings to abide,

The love and light of Jesus, rising up in each inside.


What a wonderful world it would be, if kindness was so dominant,

Then we would witness in this world, that God’s laws are most prominent.


I approached the “taunters” with inner strength, not knowing what they’d do,

I took little Tommy by the hand, and stood in the center of the few.


I asked them how they would feel, if bigger kids picked on them,

I asked them how it gives them power, to hurt and not defend.


The “taunters” stood there looking, with questions on their face,

I reminded them all that we are here, by God’s love and by Grace.  


No one is better than another; each has a gift to share,

And the best way to show God we understand, is to show someone we care.


No better way to demonstrate, we realize His presence here,

Is to be a friend and extend a hand, so others shed no tears.

My Free Night


            Mom and dad had gone out for an early dinner.  I was alone in the house.  The TV was all mine!  I plopped down on the sofa with my huge bowl of popcorn and soda. I began channel surfing in hopes of finding a scary movie. I found...Godzilla!


            What a great night! Just me, my popcorn and soda, and, a great movie!  No one to bother me or remind of something I needed to do.  This was living!  I slouched back into sofa, juggling my popcorn and soda.  I planted my feet firmly on the coffee table in front of me, and began my escape into the world of Godzilla.  I became so involved in the movie, that I actually was unaware of my surroundings.  I watched as Godzilla, made his way through the town.  What big teeth! What an awesome creature!


            Suddenly, I jumped.  I heard a noise at the front door.     (This short story available for publication.  Do you want to know what happened?)

I love to draw!  From the time I could pick up a crayon, I was drawing (never on walls).  Charles Schulz was my favorite-I had Snoopy everything.  This was one of the first series of cartoons I imitated as a child.  Today, I will attempt to draw anything!  Just ask me!

The Real Treasure


I watched from my porch as the kids played in the field across the street.  I wondered if they saw me, if they cared that I just moved here from another state.  I missed my friends, my school, and my town.  I sat on the porch steps and thought about my friends at my old house.  I felt sad and lonely.  I wanted to go back home.


Jolting me from my thoughts, a group of kids suddenly came running over to me as I sat on the porch.  Excitedly they were talking and pointing in the direction of the field.  Obviously they were trying to tell me something, but what?                    (What did the children find?  This short story is available for publication.)

"What you think in your true" -What Dreams May Come

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