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The Many Wonders


For all the trees and birds in the sky,

For the sparkle of playfulness, in a puppy’s eye.


The veneration and wonder of viewing the sea,

The magnificence of this world, is an indulgence to me.


For the flowers that decorate creation with color,

For the chipmunk that hides, his treasure under cover.


The transformation of the season’s change,

The little boy who lived, despite illness and pain.


For the past the present and the future I need,

To remember these gifts, that before me I see.


The life I am given is verily a treasure,

To observe and appreciate, and acknowledge with pleasure.


For what I see is all that I am, all that I need to be,

As life radiates its eminent beauty, portraying its dance before me.



(Previously published by Universal Personality, October 17, 2003)

Honorable Mention, Writer Online Thanksgiving Contest 12/03                                                           Published in PEEKS & VALLEYS, April, 2004

Photo published in
Visions of Existence

Suddenly I Woke Up, and I was 45 (An essay of realization)


            If I had a quarter for every time someone referred to my problems with the response, “You’re not forty any more,” I’d be wealthy.  Realistically, I heard what they said, and by the number of years that have passed since my birth, I know how old I am.  I’m forty-five.  Consciously I scoffed at the notion that age had any impact on my life whatsoever, particularly below sixty.  (I just realized that I used to think fifty was the limit.)  I am relatively healthy, in fairly good shape, eat well, and am very active, so why whenever a problem or concern arises with my physiological being, do they, mostly physicians, immediately respond with, “Well you’re not forty any more.”  I just want to tell them to “Shut up, and find out what the real problem is.”  But I sit in silence as they make their commentary about how the human body changes dramatically after forty, and that life as I knew it was going to change.  If I could get away with it and not be viewed as immature or arrogant, I would probably sit there rolling my eyes and mocking their speech.  But, I am an adult, and I am over forty.

 (Want to read the rest?  It's very profound! This essay is available for review & publication. )

"What you think in your true" -What Dreams May Come

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