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"Terrors" a.k.a "Terriers"  If you've ever been owned by a terrier, you know what a "terror" can be.  These little dogs are packed full of spunk and tenacity!  No challenge is too large-they forge ahead!  My "terrors" (stated as such with the utmost love) bring such joy to my heart with their antics, playfulness, and outpouring of affection.  They are truly magnificent creatures, and are blessings in my life. 

We mourn the loss of our precious friend Hanna.

Please visit our special site: For the Love of Hanna

Hanna, Trevar, Darby

"Terror" wrestling

Fallon Tay
Left us broken hearted, at the young age of 2

Baby Fallon had her first airplane ride at 3 mos.
She came to us from Washington State.

Animals are treasures and gifts, given to us by God.  We must value them as well as all forms of life.  We are given an opportunity to give and receive unconditional love.  We can learn a lot from dog.  Open your eyes...and love!

Always ready

The Joy of Fallon


A toothy smile, a wiggle of joy,

A greeting from Fallon our pet.

Outgoing loving and kind,

She loved to swim and get wet.


She’d dive into the pool of water,

Splashing about the tide.

Nary a worry she carried with her,

As her merriment came from inside.


Playful she was but dinner was best,

As she crooned and danced about the floor.

Performing her “Scottish food dance,”

Always hoping, she could have more.


Friendly to all, shunning no one,

Constantly ready to greet.

And I always knew where to find her,

As she often laid at my feet.


Shanna Tay
Photo by Brookside Studio

This is Shanna, West Highland White Terrier.  She was my very first dog (bought and owned solely by me).  Shanna taught me about the "human-animal bond."  I never knew it could be so wonderful! Throughout her almost 14 years of life and her devasting illnesses, she still maintained her constant love, devotion, and courage.  She taught me how, to live life!  She was a gift! 

What a love!

Shanna's 13th Birthday (we celebrate all birthdays)

I have never witnessed a relationship like the one shared between Shanna & Brenna.  These dogs were always together!  We traveled to shows, the beach-they went everywhere with me.   The girls even traveled to Maine with my sister & brother-in-law.  They were the "lights" of my life, and I miss them.  When Shanna passed away, Brenna's heart broke along with mine.  She died within 6 months of Shanna.  They are together forever!  I will see them again at the rainbow bridge-I know it!   (A compilation of my pet memoirs is in the works.)

Shanna & Brenna-always together!

The Girls, Decking it

Party Girls

Shanna, A Story of Love, Devotion, and Courage


          Every one of my pets is special, to me.  Each has brought pleasure and enlightenment into my life.  I have learned something from each of them, and have received an abundance of love.  I can only hope that on some level, I have given them a piece of what they have given to me.   All have left me with a gift, a lesson, a memory.   I am blessed to have had each one in my life, as I know they were a gift from God.  Shanna was my first gift, and the last months of her life filled me with tremendous anguish, and personal and spiritual growth.  I never expected to learn life’s most intensive lessons from a dog, but I did.  (This is an excerpt from Shanna's story)

A Gentle Soul


Darby came to us at almost two,

Fearful and troubled and shy.

The panic and sadness visualized,

Was witnessed by the reverence in her eye.


With patience and kindness and teaching,

We led her to perceive,

That no one here would hurt her,

Only love we hoped she’d see.


As the days passed she grew secure,

Realizing life had some fun.

She began to enjoy playing with toys,

And relaxing basking in the sun.


Still quite sensitive she remains,

Her eyes often stare in awe.

But she surely knows she’s safe and loved,

As she sleeps in our arms in a ball.


The Little Dog that Could


I had a dog named Shanna,

Who was smart and strong and good.

She always had a joy for life,

To live the way we should.


She never seemed sad nor blue,

Her tail it always wagged.

Even when she was so sick,

She showed life was meant to be had.


Shanna gave her love to all,

Her message was quite clear,

No matter what we face in life,

Enjoy all while you’re here.


Ode to My Friends                                                                                    You've touched my life in many ways,                                                                                 More than you can know.                                                                          The time we spent together,                                                                       Was filled with love and hope.                                                                 Perhaps you've left me broken hearted,                                                   Maybe you're still here,                                                                                 It matters not where you travel,                                                                     In my heart you remain so dear.                                                             

Brenna a.k.a Brin, Scottish Terrier

Brenna Tay

This is Brin a.k.a Brenna.  She was a sweet and gentle friend, who guarded us well.  Brin would often sit within 20ft. of where we were and just keep a "look-out."  She loved her food (as most scotties do), and would perform her scottish dance and croon until she received her dinner.  Brin was a smiler, and would produce her pearly whites whenever you spoke her name softly.  Brin exuded class and dignity. 

Brin on her lounge chair

Puppy Brin

This is my very first kitty
Original name= Pussycat (not very creative was I?)

"That's Mr. Pete, if you don't mind!"
This was a cat with an attitude. Nothing bothered him!

Jace was a very sweet and loving kitty
She always wanted to be with someone

Kearsey was found in a drain pipe by the SPCA
She was left with a "limp," but that doesn't stop her.

Gentle Jad, what a fun dog! He was left with us,
and was very much a part of the family. He lived for 18+ years!

Our first Scottie, Shane, was given to us
He was a gentleman, but don't mess with him!

Darby, came to us at 2-so the world was new to her
She is a "mush," a kind and gentle soul. (She's a westie)

So sweet!

Hanna, ready to head to a dog show
She loved to show-off!

Hanna was the ring bearer
in our wedding

Quiet Dignity


She sits and watches from afar,

Her job to keep us safe.

Silently watching looking out,

She views this as her fate.


Dear Brenna is courageous,

Majestic in her demeanor.

But a gentle side she shows to us,

Whenever we call to greet her.


She runs as fast as lightning,

To let us know she heard.

And she always shows her happiness,

By smiling and crooning her words.


The days were but a few,

When she did not guard her home.

And she always knew her other job,

Was to keep us from being alone.


Dear Friends


I cradled you in my arms,

And held you in my heart

The day your eyes met mine,

I loved you from the start.


A part of you is with me,

Embedded deep inside,

No matter where you go,

My love for you won't hide.


I see you running in the yard,

Playing with the others,

White as snow and full of life,

Romping with your "sisters and brothers."


Although you left us here on earth,

One day we'll meet again,

And on that day we'll embrace and play,

As Forever, we'll be with dear friends.            


lounging & posing!

Trevar at Christmas
He is soooo laid back & friendly!

"What you think in your true" -What Dreams May Come

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